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The Blue Ray 1 and Violet Ray 7 Beings are the AVATAR RACE of the 10th Level Initiation! The Highest-Level Initiates, belonging to the BrotherHood of the 3rd Degree emancipation. 

They are the extraordinary Ultra Terrestrials who have a “48-strand DNA Template”, which means that they can hold up to 48-strands of Consciousness. There are only a small number of such ‘Type 1’ beings on the planet currently, and I would say the number is 144.

Some say there are 400 such beings on earth, perhaps, but I have intuited a much smaller number. They have contracted to re-establish, rebuild, and bring back the Divine Blueprint of the Creator for earth and humanity on a micro and macro level.

Now, what is DNA primarily? DNA is an etheric substance invisible to the eye that is made up of strands of energy. In the normal human template, there is a 12 strand DNA, which is the Template or Mold of a Human Angelic Form.

Whereas in a Blue Ray One Transformer, a Light Holder, the DNA architecture can hold (or does hold) a 48 strand consciousness. The Blue Ray 1’s (Avatar Race) carry the Missing Links or the Codes that are missing in the human 12 strand DNA template.

They were birthed into earth to awaken the Junk Dormant Soul DNA in humans. Their frequencies are planted into the earth’s inner core of Consciousness in order to restore the Missing Links in Human DNA. More than five million years ago certain genetic mutations were implanted in our DNA strands (1,2 & 3) to prevent humanity’s ability to have an etheric Immortal body. It removed the capacity of bodily transmutation, and ability to pass into our Divine BluePrint or Monadic BluePrint.

So that we could not change our 3D Merkabah into the Merkabah of eternal Light. If the Violet Fire had been introduced earlier, in those years, it would have had no effect on our bodies to transmute the generic mutations and heal the genetic defects deliberately imposed upon our Template through the Seal of 666. The Seal of Death! This was imposed by the Illuminati and the Fallen Angelics.

So, it became necessary to bring down (to earth) the rarest of the Light Tribe – the Blue Ray 1 Beings with essential Violet Ray 7 Imprints. They are not just of Blue Ray One but have within their generic architecture the predominance of Ray 7.

Without the presence of Ray 7, transmutation and restoration would not be possible as that is the attribute and tenet of the magical alchemical Violet Ray. These are legions of Blue Lightening Angels from the God Star Sirius and the Violet Flame Angels and Keepers from the planet Venus. Led by Archangel Michael and headed by Lord God Shiva of the Trinity-of-God Aspect.

These, Blue Ray One Transformers or Type 1 Beings, or the Avatar Race, are essentially “Light Holders”, and that is exactly their purpose of existence. They have the genetic (genomic, chromosomal) innate capacity to hold, within their unusually strong expanded magnetic core structure, humongous volumes of Ray 1 and Ray 7 Light. That which is a necessary mandatory pre-requisite to magnetize and draw within, from the earth, the genetic corruptions, fractures, manipulations of the planetary grid and leyline matrix.

Moreover, this 48-strand DNA Template, in these Blue Ray 1 and Ray 7 Beings, holds all the “12 Master Key Codes” and the “144 Encryption Key Codes”, along with the “64 Enoch Keys”, needed to pass through the 12 Star Gates for Ascension.

12 StarGates shows there are many paths back Home and not just one. These Indigo Blue Ray 1 Beings are the only ones who have the power to override the fallen nature of Star Gates 1-11 by drawing the Divine Blueprint through Star Gate 12 and into all dimensions of this time-and-space based reality.

Moreover, and additionally, these Blue Ray and Indigo Ray Type 1, also have contracts with certain land demographics and so are placed specifically at certain nodal points on earth for which they are holding specific codes necessary for earth’s Ascension at this time. The stored frequencies, in their expanded bodies (for this specific mission), are being transmitted and anchored into the Ley Lines and Axiatonal Lines of the earth where they are specifically positioned.

Now, what transpired during this Solar Eclipse with the collapsing colliding and converging of 3 Third-Dimensional TimeLines (the Lemurian / Present / Atlantis Civilizations), scientifically referred to as the Particle Convergence, through the consecutive opening of the 3 Portals or 3 BlackHoles, caused in effect the “Un-Locking” of the ZERO-POINT Trajectory into which earth is now being strongly pulled….by the help, guidance, support, and power of these Indigo Blue Ray 1 and 7 Avatar Beings.

Their unique expanded enormous magnetic structure of the 48-Strand DNA is what is causing the Zero-Point transmutation to take place in order to bring back and restore the original Divine Plan for the New Earth.

Although the Death Seal of 666 has been opened, it must be removed forever for the earth to be returned to its originally planned glory and freedom. For this to transpire, the Consciousness of Lucifer and its race of the Illuminati and Cabal must be annihilated from the planet.

And this is what I foresee starting to happen around the 23rd of September, 2017 when the ‘Bethlehem Star’ peaks in our darkened skies, in its two-year reign that started on 23rd September, 2015, that which occurs approximately every 2,000 years. The first time, as we know of, was when Abraham – the God of Israel appeared or was birthed. Then 2000 years hence, the Star of Bethlehem re-appeared in 0 BC when Jesus was birthed, the King of Israel. And now, 2000 years later, in its two year reign, as most are expecting something like a Rapture to occur or are focused in attention upon Israel once again, as has been its pattern, I feel it shall be for us, and hopefully, the “beginning” of the much awaited end of the Fallen Angelic Luciferic Reign of the Illuminati. The final start to the breaking of the fundamental Mold of slavery of the human race.

When this does occur, the Fallen Angelics and the Illuminati races will be escorted to quarantined healing facilities in the Sirius star system. And the re-building of the New Earth shall commence. I feel the “Star of Bethlehem” in the night skies of September 23rd, 2017 is not the birthing of another Messiah but the “Beginning of the End” for the polarized energies of Lucifer and his family on earth who have imprisoned, drugged, hypnotized, mesmerized, sickened, polluted, toxicated (and in-toxicated), mankind to a state of the Living-Dead – the Zombies – walking the planet in darkness and despair, disease and death. Atlantis and Lemuria could not throw them out and so they sunk and disappeared under its weight.

But, now we have answered YES in the Harmonic Convergence of August 16th, 1987 and we shall survive and not sink by assisting the Light to annihilate the Family of Lucifer on earth, once and for all. The Bell of Freedom has chimed and the Star is on its way to shine upon our YES and make it manifest! Your Prayers are most powerful right now! Help the Light to transmutate and transmogrify the evil!

This is the invisible occult task, and to what proportions, of the Blue Ray and Violet Ray Beings of the Avatar Race on earth right now! And. They are of the smallest percentage in numbers. 144 only.

I shall be writing in detail about the training they have received to come into the Role as the Saviours of the Planet in a book soon!

Sangeeta Handa