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Mis on kvantfüüsika

Reviews the film, “What the Bleep Do We Know?” by Mark Vicente, Betsy Chasse, and Willam Arntz (Directors).

The film’s primary message emphasizes that there is a new “law and order” coming to town: Its name is quantum physics. The movie draws a proverbial line in the sand that essentially divides the population into those who envision the universe as a material Newtonian mechanism and those who perceive of it as an entanglement of energy waves and probabilities conforming to quantum mechanical principles.

Newtonian and quantum mechanics offer profoundly different views on the nature of how the universe–and everything in it–works. The film offers the public a glimpse into ideas and science they would otherwise not hear or see on the news. It is not presented in an academic, documentary fashion for the scientific community, simply because that was not the community for which it was intended. “What the Bleep’s” primary message, the one I fully concur with, exposes the public to the fundamental role that quantum mechanics plays in the unfolding of life.

“What the Bleep” has been a successful catalyst in provoking lay audiences to seek knowledge above and beyond the conditioned existence in which they have come to live.

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